Decorate to Learn

When wanting to be a teacher, I took some time to speak with different teachers. I was told that classroom decorations are a big key when keeping kids engaged. Bright colors and not a lot of words helps the children become intrigued and ask questions. When I become a teacher I want to decorate my classroom based on the different personalities and interest in the classroom. For example, if there are a majority of sport lovers in the classroom I would do a board with a focal point being a particular sport. I know the importance of keeping children engaged because without the attention of the children, the lesson that you are trying to teach can go in one ear and out the other. Another reason for good decorations is that when teaching, you can go to certain decorations on the wall to use as a prop for giving the children examples of what the assignment is. This article give great ideas for new and veteran teachers to decorate their classrooms.IMG_0550


Working Together

Getting students to engage in English is very hard. So I was thinking ahead and asked myself, how can I get students to like English? One of the first things that came to my mind is “do students understand what English really is?” I would use the comparisons of music to English? For example, most students don’t know that poems that rhyme are just like the songs they listen too. Another example are the movies the students watch are remakes and/or plays brought to the big screen. If I can get their minds turning they will start to want to ask questions and understand English. Other ways I would get the students to engage is by having them work in groups. Different groups, while assigning certain jobs to each of the group members will give each student something to do and responsibilities. Each group member will be responsible for encouraging the other to complete the assigned job to get the complete assignment done. Here there are great ideas that can help new teachers in getting kids engaged. file5661262570231

Support For me

Being an older student a lot of your peers feel you are wasting your time. “Your already working, you don’t need a degree” Many people don’t understand how the support really keeps you going on the late night sessions. The support gives you encouraging words when your ready to give up. Support pushes you when you think you’ve done enough. My wife and child is my support through this whole process. Who is your support?  Studies show that students who are alone through the school process are more likely to fall under depression, which can lead to dropping out or even suicide. A lot of younger students look toward partying, sex and drinking to get anything that will help them continue. Some even turn towards drugs.  We need to continue to research ways and put programs in place for students of all ages to keep them involve and give them the support that’s needed. arwe ways  shows ways that school staffs can help give support to students that will assist them in their educational journey. students-395568_960_720

College, Is the debt Really Worth it?

When going to college one of the main concerns are the cost of college. Many Americans cant afford to go to college and fear loan debt. Even going to community colleges can raise concern for day to day operations at home. Can we pay our of pocket? How many hours can you take and still work? If there was a program that assisted the older generation that has a family, mortgage and are depended on two incomes that did not involve loans, more families would go back to school to further their education. Society looks at the raising cost of tuition as a means to improve the schools and resources, but if their are no students there is it really worth it? Not only does student loan debt affect the student and his/her family, but it also affects the economy because if your consistently paying student loans, you wont have any more for other things.  shows the statics on the amount of graduating senors that gain debt in 4 years and how it affects the economy. student-loan-debt-1160848_960_720

Behavior Issues

As a teacher I know I will come across a lot of different behavior types but will I be able to control them? Will I know what to do when things escalate? Certain articles show that an effect teacher should be able to control and manage their classroom through all situations. You see on the news ever day student has attacked a teacher or some huge fight has broken out. A lot of people want to blame the parents for the way the children act, but I believe that the schools play a big part in how the students are acting. Students observe on what they can get away with and/or what other students are getting away with. When schools don’t back the teachers when needing to discipline students. Students also know that the “No child left behind” allowed students to do the bare minimum  and pass, letting them spend more time disrupting the class. No that it has taken away the students that actually care about their education now must spend more time working. For those students who truly don’t care about school will always give some type of trouble. Website breaks down different categories that teachers go through and explains ways to handle them. file0001317076922

In it for the long haul!

When I was in school being a teacher was something that you knew from the start that you were going to do. The salary wasn’t a problem because you had the desire to teach. 30 year teachers are really scarce now a day. It seems that teaching is the last resort for some professionals. To me, teaching is not a job that fits everyone. Whether it’s teaching babies or college students. I noticed that a lot of teachers are using teaching as a plan B. Sooner or later you’re going to burn out because it’s not really what they want. I’ve been wanting to teach since I was in High School. I’ve always been good at explaining things to children on their level to make it stick. After speaking with some of my teacher friends, they told me teaching goes further than just explaining things, you will have days where you will feel alone because some schools don’t have the resources. Even hearing all of these things I feel I will succeed in being a teacher and will be a lifelong career. When I become a teacher I will pace myself so that I won’t feel rushed. Also I will try to limit the stressful things in my everyday life so that when those stressful days happen at school it won’t be a consistent thing. Home would be my stress free zone. listed 25 important was to be a successful teacher and stay in it for the Long Haul!


Summer vacations

I always wondered what do teachers do over the summer break. Do they really lay around, sleep all day and stay up all night? When being a teacher summer vacations can be a great thing. But I always wonder what will I do during the summer? I’m not a home body so staying at home and doing nothing is out of the question. I could travel but with a full family that can be very expensive. I see online that a lot of teachers look forward to being off those days. When I get my first summer break I want to chores at home that take more than a weekend to complete. Last I would like to plan one major trip that the entire family can go on. Towards the end of the summer I will start to get back into “going to bed on time routine”. One the website here are some of the top things that teachers should do during the summer. This site was a very big help because it gave great ideas that allows you to relax but also stay in touch with your “teacher side”. Reading this article will give new teachers a guide to fully enjoy their summer. This also could help first time teachers because just like your first day of school teachers will need guidance toward the end of their school year closing out and at the end of their summer to prepare.